See larger image Getting Along at Work
by Caleb Crider
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Product Description

Satisfaction at work is often hindered by stressful, frustrating relationships. Why do I struggle getting along with him? What can I do to resolve my strained relationship with her?

Conflict at work is frustrating and stressful, and makes us unproductive and unhappy. Instead of focusing on our work, our mental energy is spent on processing the latest emotional disagreement or misunderstanding.

Getting Along at Work gives you tools that enable you to develop into a person whose relationships flourish instead of flounder. You will learn practical ways to apologize when you’re wrong, communicate when it’s tough, and respond peaceably in tense situations.

Improving your “getting along skills” Monday through Friday increases your service to God and others. Learning to effectively navigate relationships at work will result in less trouble, more fulfillment, and greater blessings for both you and your coworkers.