See larger image Light Side Dark Side
by Shari Beth Shaum
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Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9780878137978
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Product Description

Sometimes gray areas can become quite acceptable in our lives. But what would life look like if the lines were marked more clearly? Meet Shari Beth, missionary in Haiti. She sees pockets of light, people—like Jock—aglow with the joy of the Lord. Though his aged body was failing, and though he had no family to care, Jock often sang heartfelt praises to God, tears trickling down his face.Just down the hill from Jock’s house, a party was in the making. In the center of a red flag waving overhead was a single word—Rah-Rah, the native word for Satan worship. Light Side Dark Side opens a window into Haitian culture and shows the contrast between God’s power and Satan’s bondage.