See larger image Rugged Trails and Ragged Shoes
by Janis Good
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Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9780878137619
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The lone Model T bumped over potholes, rounded hairpin bends, and sputtered up steep roads in the vast sprawl
of West Virginia mountains. A trip into these mountains was not easy, but that didn’t stop Lora. The summer of 1926
became the first of ten that Lora spent in West Virginia. A pioneer in children’s Bible school ministry, she prepared
her own lessons and drew her own pictures. Between classes she ministered to women and children in the community.
“You don’t lose by sacrifice,” she said years later. “I would do it all over again!” Lora’s life of service for the
kingdom was an inspiration to many who knew her. With this book, you can enjoy her story as well.