See larger image Matthew Grady Loves His Enemy
by Samuel D. Coon
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Page Count: 40
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 9780878137640
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Product Description

Preacher Matthew Grady could feel the people of Los Ebanos watching him. Matthew’s friend Juan said, “Father Costa hates you. He says he will chase you out of town.” “I will love everybody,” Matthew Grady said. “Even though Father Costa hates me, I will love him. I will pray that He will change his mind.” Matthew asked God to take care of him, and he kept on loving Father Costa in any way he could. But it seemed that the more Matthew loved Father Costa, the more Father Costa hated Matthew. Then came the night of the big storm, and God answered Matthew’s prayers in a dramatic, unexpected way. Expressive oil paintings vividly portray the changing moods of this story, which is based on actual events.