See larger image | Look inside! Emma - A Will to Surrender
by Becky McGurrin
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Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781932676891
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Product Description

Emma is a Hurst, and a very determined one. Hursts are strong; they arenít known for giving up or giving in easily. But the chisel of affliction has a way of chipping away at human strength until it seems puny indeed. Epilepsy, death of loved ones, incarceration, cancer, the challenges of long singlehood followed by those of marriageóGod used all these things to shape Emma into a woman with a
sole desire to yield herself completely to Him. Follow Emma through her fascinating journey as a Mennonite farm girl, factory seamstress, college student, public schoolteacher, wife, and widow.

Be amazed at the wise and loving hand of God as He patiently guides, protects, and creates a Hurst with real strength: a daughter joyfully surrendered to her heavenly Father.