See larger image All For Love
by Pablo Yoder
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Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9781939084750
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Product Description

Life with his father and stepmother meant neglect and abuse, but at least José Adán had food and clothing. Life with his mother offered freedom and a sense of belonging, but he often went hungry and there was no money for school. José Adán bounced back and forth between the two, his heart starved for the love and security that neither home could offer.

This is the true story of a boy’s quest for love and belonging—a search that eventually leads him to the Author of love. But José Adán’s loneliness left him vulnerable, and as a young man he turned his back on his church and his God to embrace the world’s counterfeit. But God, whose protecting hand had been on José Adán since he was a boy, would not let him go easily.