See larger image Weeping for Abigail
by Lily Bear
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ISBN: 9780878137350
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Product Description

Abigail had given her heart to the Lord at a young age, but as she faced the temptations of youth, she was lured away. A shy girl who only wanted to be home with her loving Christian family, she hated the boarding school her parents chose for her. She felt excluded and unaccepted. More seriously, she failed to take her burdens to God and her parents. Instead, Abby became friends with ungodly teenagers at the ice cream shop where she worked. Abby plunged deeper into sin, becoming enslaved to alcohol, adultery, and selfish pleasures. Grief-stricken, her parents and church never stopped praying for Abigailís salvation.

Weeping for Abigail is a thrilling, true account of how God won back His lost and miserable daughter.