See larger image The Amish - Mennonites of North America
by Cory Anderson
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Product Description

From Florida to California, from five members to 263, from German in services to English, and from suspenders and broadfall pants to T-shirts and blue jeans, the Amish-Mennonites of North America are one of the most diverse and dispersed Anabaptist groups today. Originally “Amish with cars,” the Amish-Mennonites have followed many paths in the over 100 years since the first churches that now inhabit this movement originated.

This book is a grand-scale portrait of the Amish-Mennonites. It features places: over 200 meetinghouse photographs, each with an accompanying profile. Detailed maps help orient the reader and track church origins. It features people: over 50 church pages include a picture of the real “church,” the people. Charts and graph from a 2012 census illuminate population trends. It features our past: a thorough, yet concise, essay about the Amish-Mennonite origins and development makes clear a history that will be intriguing to the lifetime members and young alike.

The Amish-Mennonites of North America is a landmark work that the entire family will return to again and again.