See larger image The Ornament of a Spirit
by Cory A. Anderson
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The Christian woman's head covering is a defining doctrine of the conservative Anabaptist churches. Some groups, such as the Amish, have remained consistent in their application of this doctrine from one generation to the next. Others, including many Mennonite and Amish Mennonite groups, have changed styles, often allowing the covering to become smaller, more transparent, or more stylish.

Why do Christian women cover their heads?
The opening chapters of this book provide basic teachings on the head covering, explaining and defending the reasons for literally practicing this Bible-based teaching.

Why all the fuss about covering styles?
For those who already understand the doctrine and have a strong conviction for the covering, the bulk of the book explores the symbolic meaning meaning behind different covering styles and probes the underlying motives behind style changes. Readers will find their convictions strengthened as they sincerely examine their own motives and understand the historical and present-day significance of the traditional Anabaptist covering.