See larger image Out of Deception
by Nathan Miller
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ISBN: 9780984098538
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Product Description

Out of Deception is the unbelievable but true story of how a young teen, Wil Hochstetler, and his family from rural Lagrange County, Indiana, were unwittingly lured into the clutches of a smooth-talking cult leaders.

Wil's family was searching for something deeper, and Wilbur Lee Eash, an excommunicated Amishman, seemed to have the answers. His spiritual teachings drew them and several of their neighbors. But what seemed at first like fresh water for a thirsty heart eventually turned bitter and poisonous.

By the grace of God, Wil's devotion to Wilbur Lee slowly turned to doubt. Finally, sick and tired of being manipulated, controlled, abused and deceived, Wil made his break and escaped his leader's grasp. Or so he thought.

A disturbing story of Satan's gross deceptions and a beautiful story of the mighty power of God's redeeming grace and deliverance, Out of Deception is a book you will long remember.