See larger image Will The Theologians Please Sit Down
by David Bercot
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When Christianity was young, the focus was on Jesus
Christ and His kingdom—not theology. To be sure, there
are foundational doctrines that Christians have always
considered essential to the faith. But somehow the things
considered essential have grown from a few sentences
to a long list of theological tenets, many of which were
unknown to the early Christians.

In the beginning, Christians understood that the essence
of Christianity was an obedient love-faith relationship
with Jesus Christ. This was not just any relationship, but a
relationship that produced genuine kingdom fruit.

But then something happened: Theologians took over the
church. Once they took over, the emphasis soon changed
from godly fruit to “orthodox” theology. Christianity
became Doctrianity. In this provocative work, Bercot argues that it’s time to let Jesus speak through the pages of the Gospels without filtering His teachings through the denials and mental gymnastics of the theologians. It’s time for the children of the kingdom to stand up for Jesus and the gospel He preached—and for the theologians to sit down.