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Beside the Still Waters - Vol 2
Price: $1.50 eBook: $5.99
Imagine taking a walk with God down a winding path through fields of wildflowers, then on into the shaded forest.... more
History of Mennonites in Virginia 1727-1900 (vol 1)
by Harry Anthony Brunk, Price: $8.00 eBook: $4.99
This reprint of History of Mennonites in Virginia is authorized by the children of Dr. Harry A. Brunk. This... more
Reflections of Godís Grace in Grief - Revised Edition
by Faythelma Bechtel, Price: $4.00 eBook: $5.99
Where do you go when your heart is breaking, when your life is crushed with loses that can never be replaced here... more
Junto a aguas De Reposo Volumen 2 (BSW Vol. 2)
Price: $8.99 eBook: $3.99
-Great Gift Idea for Spanish Speaking People -366 Selected Readings -One-Year Bible Reading Plan -Written... more
Emma - A Will to Surrender
by Becky McGurrin, Price: $17.95 eBook: $9.99
Emma is a Hurst, and a very determined one. Hursts are strong; they arenít known for giving up or giving in... more
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