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My Brother's Keeper
by Michelle Beachy, Price: $10.99 eBook: $3.99
Join young Andrew Martin as he learns to adapt to life with a handicapped brother named Benjamin. Andrew discovers,... more
The Price
by Pablo Yoder, Price: $9.99 eBook: $2.99
The Price is a sequel to Angels Over Waslala and Angels in the Night. In Nicaragua, life is primitive.... more
Where Has Integrity Gone
by Simon Schrock, Price: $5.99 eBook: $2.99
Some say that at times it is necessary to lie. Some people even say that people can lie and still retain... more
Don't Throw in the Towel
by Simon Schrock, Price: $0.50 eBook: $0.99
When Jesus died, the Apostle Peter threw in the towel. Thinking all his hopes and dreams were blasted, he said, "I... more
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