Youth and Adult Storybooks

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Hidden Riches
by Romaine Stauffer, Price: $7.95
Hidden Riches puts a face on history through Christian Burkholder, a real person. Many of us do not know the names... more
No More Strangers
by Mary June Glick, Price: $10.95
In the 1970s, life in the Creole village of Double Head Cabbage meant no electricity, no phone, and no... more
Love Lifted Me
by MarJanita Geigley, Price: $8.50
Young Pouv had a tender heart and a curious mind. Things donít just make themselves, she thought. Born into a... more
Somewhere in the Skies
by Becky McGurrin, Price: $11.95
Somewhere in the Skies is the moving account of a tragic farming accident that shocked the Shenandoah Valley in... more
The Present
by Elsie Hoover, Price: $7.50
ďIt looks like cancer,Ē the doctor said. Elsie didnít cry just then, but a few minutes later the impact of his... more
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