Youth and Adult Storybooks

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Tied with Heartstrings
by Marian D Reinford and Emily D Martin, Price: $12.95
Though foster parenting and adoption can produce close ties for life, sometimes circumstances can be the source... more
Home on the Rock Pile
by Pablo Yoder, Price: $8.95
The small ramshackle house sat on a knoll littered with rocks and boulders. The place was called The Rock Pile, and... more
The Cost of the Crown
by Claudia Esh, Price: $6.99
An Anabaptist Martyr Story Am I too young and my future too promising to become a hunted martyr for Jesus Christ?... more
A Song for Your Honor
by Kay Evans, Price: $12.75
Crushed by the death of her husband, Kay, a homeschool mother of six, finds her troubles are far from over after... more
The Call of the SSS
by Lyle Hostetler, Price: $6.95
So, Fred, what makes you think you should be a CO? Fred was at a loss for words. II dont know. I am... more
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