Practical Christian Living

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Come and See
by David Peters, Price: $1.75
New faces, unfamiliar culture, different applications of the Bible—visiting a new church can be an... more
Come and Stay
by David Peters, Price: $1.75
In this pamphlet, David Peters shares some of the challenges he and his wife encountered while blending into... more
Adorning the Temple
by Duane Eby, Price: $2.25
This booklet speaks on the important subject of personal appearance. The author opens with five... more
The Christian and the State
by Lloyd Hartzler, Price: $2.25
What is the nature and function of the state? Can a Christian take part in politics? Should he help vote "good"... more
Are Written Standards for the Church?
by John Coblentz, Price: $2.25
This booklet provides balance in a day when many say that written church standards are not necessary, that the... more
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