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The Christian and the State
by Lloyd Hartzler, Price: $2.25
What is the nature and function of the state? Can a Christian take part in politics? Should he help vote "good"... more
Are Written Standards for the Church?
by John Coblentz, Price: $2.25
This booklet provides balance in a day when many say that written church standards are not necessary, that the... more
When a Loved One Has Died
by John Coblentz, Price: $2.25
The death of a loved one can leave us devastated, confused, angry, and drained. It can raise questions we have... more
Returning to God and the Church
by Luke Bennetch, Price: $2.25
Finding our way back to God and the church is a difficult road. Sin separates us from God and in serious cases... more
Live to Give
by Keith Crider, Price: $2.25
Lighthouse Series Booklet. Christians are not of this world, and therefore should not love the things of this... more
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