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Where Has Integrity Gone
by Simon Schrock, Price: $5.99 eBook: $2.99
Some say that at times it is necessary to lie. Some people even say that people can lie and still retain... more
The Price of Missing Life
by Simon Schrock, Price: $6.95
"To experience the fullness of life," Schrock observes, "one must honestly face questions about the future,... more
Putting Off Anger
by John Coblentz, Price: $5.95
"I'd just as well tell you. You're looking at an angry, bitter man." Larry's dark eyes flashed and his body... more
Joy in Serving Jesus
by Samuel Beachy, Price: $6.95
For Young Men: Finding fulfillment in serving the Lord in adolescent and singlehood years. From childhood... more
Come and See
by David Peters, Price: $1.75
New faces, unfamiliar culture, different applications of the Bible—visiting a new church can be an... more
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