Youth and Adult Storybooks

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Not My Time To Die
by Naomi Schrock, Price: $8.99
When Naomi’s cancer is confi rmed, the shock is too much for her to handle alone. During the ensuing years, she... more
Sophy Claymore
by A.L.O.E., Price: $9.99
Early Classic Series - originally published in 1877. A blind orphan girl, adopted by a kind man, flounders in... more
The Woodcutter of Gutech
by W. H. Kingston, Price: $11.99
Early Classic Series - originally published in 1873. When the Reformation sweeps across Germany, a woodcutter... more
Amalyah's Search for Love
by Harvey Yoder, Price: $11.99
Raised on an Israeli kibbutz, Amalyah’s search for love began during childhood when the communal system of... more
Death of a Saloon
by Pablo Yoder, Price: $12.95
Teodolinda and her family moved to the Zapotal highlands of Costa Rica to find a better life. But instead of... more
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