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M is for Monkey
by Kelly Kauffman, Price: $9.99
Most children love pets, but not many youngsters have pet monkeys. Kellyís family had two! Tinker and Sassy were a... more
The Bible in the Wall
by Unknown, Price: $5.95
The Bible in the Wall is the true story of a man who repeatedly rejects the gift of a Bible, which God, in... more
Just Like Daddy
by Helga Moser, Price: $8.95
Johnny canít carry the heavy grocery bags like Daddy, but he can carry the diaper bag (though it does get a... more
God's Miracle- A Frog
by Rebecca Newswanger, Price: $4.95
Detailed pencil drawings illustrate the simple rhyming story of the life cycle of a frog. God planned it all,... more
by Marie Yoder, Price: $5.95
When Grandmother is no longer able to provide for Ionica and his four siblings, Ionica goes to live with Uncle... more
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