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Emmy Lou's New Shoes
by Edith Martin, Price: $5.95
“You better stay out of the creek today. The water is too high to wade,” Mom had said. But when Becky came to... more
Matthew Grady Loves His Enemy
by Samuel D. Coon, Price: $15.95
Preacher Matthew Grady could feel the people of Los Ebanos watching him. Matthew’s friend Juan said, “Father... more
God's Miracle - Milk
by Rebecca Newsanger, Price: $4.95
Rhyming couplets illustrated with pencil drawings explain how milk and milk products get from a cow to the table... more
Always Face A Panther
by Ruth Hobbs, Price: $9.95
Let's go visit people who lived long ago- most of them over a hundred years before you were born! Their... more
M is for Monkey
by Kelly Kauffman, Price: $9.99
Most children love pets, but not many youngsters have pet monkeys. Kelly’s family had two! Tinker and Sassy were a... more
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