Practical Christian Living

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Plain Speaking
by David Bercot, Price: $6.95
Although many books have been written about preaching and teaching, most of them are addressed to... more
Music in Biblical Perspective
by John Coblentz, Price: $2.95
This study of the Christian and his music deals forthrightly with the purpose of Christian music, the effects of... more
How to Gain Assurance of Your Salvation
by B. Charles Hostetter, Price: $2.95
Many Christians, at some time in life, have asked the question: "How can I know for sure I am saved?" If we do... more
The Upward Call
by John Coblentz, Price: $9.95
In a world where we face temptations daily, the Lord calls us upward to a deeper relationship with Him. This study... more
The High Cost of Holistic Healing
by Dr. Nolan Byler, Price: $5.95
Holistic Healing. Acupuncture and acupressure. Iridology. Apllied kinesiology. Drawing pain. Water witching.... more
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