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The Master's Trade
by Rebecca Martin, Price: $9.99
With high hopes, John Rittenhouse's parents join the surge of Mennonites into the American frontier. The... more
Crayonbox Collection
by Romaine Stauffer, Price: $8.50
Eric was tricked out of a quarter and learned it's wise not to believe everything you hear. Susie and her... more
Coyotes, Tortillas, and Amigos
by Leona Schander, Price: $7.50
The Martin children were shocked when the door burst open and their brother Wayne strode in, his face grim. “Five... more
God's Treasures on the Shore
by Jennifer Butters, Price: $6.95
Please come along and walk with us along the sandy shore. We’ll search for treasures that were once upon the... more
The Adventures of Rusty and Ryan
by Shari Beth Martin, Price: $7.50
Scratch! Scratch! Scratch! "Father," Ryan called, "something is scratching on the door!" Father opened the door,... more
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