Youth and Adult Storybooks

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The Shepherd of Bethlehem
by A.L.O.E., Price: $19.95
Early Classic Series - originally published in 1877. Through an unexpected turn of events, a small, motley... more
No More Strangers
by Mary June Glick, Price: $10.95
In the 1970s, life in the Creole village of Double Head Cabbage meant no electricity, no phone, and no... more
Love Lifted Me
by MarJanita Geigley, Price: $8.50
Young Pouv had a tender heart and a curious mind. Things donít just make themselves, she thought. Born into a... more
God and the Search
by Lyle Hostetler, Price: $8.99
"You might as well tell them to stay home." The words fell despondently from my lips, and inside I was crying.... more
Somewhere in the Skies
by Becky McGurrin, Price: $11.95
Somewhere in the Skies is the moving account of a tragic farming accident that shocked the Shenandoah Valley in... more
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