Practical Christian Living

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What the Bible Says About Child Training
by J. Richard Fugate, Price: $9.95
As a parent, you have only one chance with each child. How can you handle that one chance in a way that will... more
God's Will For Love In Marriage
by John Coblentz, Price: $4.95
In a world where love is cheap, where having more than two children raises eyebrows, and where married couples... more
Christian Family Living
by John Coblentz, Price: $9.95
Practical, step-by-step instructions from training toddlers to caring for aging parents. This book breathes the air... more
Marriage, Divorce & Remarriage
by John Coblentz, Price: $4.95
Are you or someone you know contemplating marriage? Divorce? Do you know what the Bible has to say about... more
A Good Minister
by Howard Bean, Price: $14.95
Written from the heart and life of an experienced minister, A Good Minister provides warm, practical,... more
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