Youth and Adult Storybooks

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Somewhere in the Skies
by Becky McGurrin, Price: $11.95
Somewhere in the Skies is the moving account of a tragic farming accident that shocked the Shenandoah Valley in... more
The Present
by Elsie Hoover, Price: $7.50
“It looks like cancer,” the doctor said. Elsie didn’t cry just then, but a few minutes later the impact of his... more
Under God's Arrest
by Ida B. Bontrager, Price: $11.95
James and Fannie brought their wild lives and trouble into their home. But then one day James and Fannie... more
Vera, the King's Daughter
by Harvey Yoder, Price: $11.99
Abuse, a crippling accident, and years of despair and loneliness made Vera’s early life miserable indeed. But... more
Crossing the Distance
by Loreen Plett, Price: $12.95
Based on historical accounts, Crossing the Distance is the story of great distances, some created by God and others... more
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