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Stronger Than Pain
by Arlene Kaufman with Lori Yoder, Price: $1.50 eBook: $5.99
“Through the years of physical pain and disability, I have prayed many times that God would use me in His service... more
History of Mennonites in Virginia 1727-1900 (vol 1)
by Harry Anthony Brunk, Price: $8.00 eBook: $4.99
This reprint of History of Mennonites in Virginia is authorized by the children of Dr. Harry A. Brunk. This... more
Three Year Diary
by Kristin Good, Price: $4.50
In an age of easily deleted e-mails and text-messages, a diary provides a permanency to a person’s life. A... more
A Woman for God's Glory
by Anna Mary Byler, Price: $9.99
There is a "glow" in glory, the outshining of God, the expression of His infinite characteristics in the lives... more
Vera's Journey
by Judy Yoder, Price: $3.00 eBook: $11.99
Vera’s Journey continues to be the crown of our offerings and is expanding in acceptance. It is being purchased... more
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