Church / Anabaptist History

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The Amish - Mennonites of North America
by Cory Anderson, Price: $35.00
From Florida to California, from five members to 263, from German in services to English, and from suspenders... more
Songs of the Ausbund
Price: $23.99
This book contains literal, exact English translations of 69 Ausbund hymns used in Amish worship services. It... more
Hans Landis
by James Lowry, Price: $14.99
An inspiring collection of source materials concerning Hans Landis and his era, transcribed, translated,... more
Intimacy With God
by Clement of Alexandria, Price: $6.95
Do you long to know God? If you were given the opportunity to sit at the feet of a respected Christian teacher of... more
The Anabaptist Story
by William Estep, Price: $25.99
This standard introduction to the history of Anabaptism by noted church historian William R. Estep vividly... more
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