Women's Inspirational

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Daughters of Eve, Daughters of God
by Brenda Weaver, Price: $9.95
Daughters of Eve know the discouragement of failure, defeat, and fruitlessness. Their paths have been salted... more
Faithful at 50
by Edith Witmer, Price: $8.95
What do you expect as you are nearing 50? Are you wistfully looking over your shoulder at what used to be? Or are... more
Prayers and Peanut Butter
by Barbara Classen, Price: $9.95
The Mother Book! Every mother wants to have her act together. We want to love our family, breeze through our work,... more
Compassion Making a Difference
by Timna Hooley, Price: $12.99
Do you want to reach out to those around you more effectively? Ready for the challenge of seeing beyond the... more
Penny Wise
Price: $8.95
The new Keeper’sBook Penny Wise is packed with inspiration and information that will help you be a better steward... more