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The Star of Bethlehem Song Book
Price: $9.50
This book was first published in 1889 by Ruebush, Kieffer & Co. Publishers. In 1969 it was republished... more
Songs That Live
Price: $12.99
Songs That Live is back! Compiled and first published by the late Ernest J. and Ida Boyer Bontrager. In 1961... more
Hymns of the Church
by John D Martin, Price: $21.00
Hymns of the Church is a volume of 1017 carefully compiled hymns that were specially chosen for their rich... more
Christmas Favorites
Price: $4.75
Christmas Favorites is a compilation of favorite songs about Christís Birth. This makes it a convenient songbook for... more
Abide With Me
by John H. Parker, Price: $19.99
Abide with Me is a gorgeous collection of images from the sites, sounds, and history that gave birth to some... more