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One Race, One Blood
by Ham, Wieland, Batten, Price: $11.95
In this ground-breaking book, you will read, perhaps for the first time, about racism's evolutionary connections... more
Grand Canyon
by Tom Vail, Price: $16.99
Your personal tour of the Grand Canyon brought to you by the creation scientists who know it best! Learn how... more
Darwin's Enigma
by Luther Sunderland, Price: $10.99
Evolutionists have long known that Charles Darwin's original argument against his own theory-that a lack of... more
If Animals Could Talk
by Dr. Werner Gitt, Price: $9.99
Did you know that: While in flight, the sparrow's heart can beat up to 760 times per minute? Or that a baby... more
Thousands...Not Billions
by Don DeYoung, Price: $13.99
This book summarizes eight years of research by the Institute for Creation Research and a team of scientists,... more
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