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Going till You're Gone
by Gary Miller, Price: $13.95
Going Till You're Gone encourages Christians to develop and maintain a Kingdom-focused vision that will guide... more
Charting a Course in your Youth
by Gary Miller, Price: $13.95
Charting A Course is a call to youth who are serious about following Jesus, especially in finances. It is designed ... more
The Other Side of the Wall
by Gary Miller, Price: $13.95
As Christians, we understand that we are all expected to be givers. Too often, though, we simply take the easy... more
What Happened to our Money?
by Gary Miller, Price: $3.99
Ignorance of Biblical money management often sets young people on a path of financial hardship that results... more
Kingdom-Focused Finances for the Family
by Gary Miller, Price: $13.95
Kingdom-Focused Finances for the Family is easy to understand and enjoyable to read; it is Kingdom teaching for... more
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