Especially for Youth

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Daily Truth for Godly Youth
by Howard Bean, Price: $11.95
A good devotional is both inspirational and practical. It points readers to Christ and calls them to become more... more
Daily Strength for Growing Youth
by Howard Bean, Price: $11.95
A group of prospectors tethered their limping ponies by a creek. One picked up a stone, wondering if it might... more
A Kind of Courage
by Mary Burkholder, Price: $7.50
Travis tensed as he heard his cousins talking dirty, again. Kate stayed in the background while her sister... more
Singlehood That Glorifies God
by John Coblentz, Price: $2.95
Some of the most effective servants of God did not have a spouse: Paul, Barnabas, John the Baptist, Elijah, Mary,... more
Keep Yourself Pure
by Charles Hostetter, Price: $5.95
Throughout the Bible, God warns man time and time again about the sin of impurity ”sexual relations outside the... more
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